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8. Command line mode

Program can be used without GUI, within command line only. This is useful when you need to run the program on a regular basis, via batch file or to call it from the other program. This feature is disabled in the unregistered version of the program.

Command mode usage synopsis is:

zaht2.exe -command project_filename

zaht2.exe is located in a directory where program has been installed. It accepts 2 arguments: literal word "-command" and a project file path.

Program is not compiled like a console program, it is compiled like Windows GUI program, this is done to save a distribution size. Being called with above command line arguments, it doesn't create any windows. So it is better to say that it is a "GUIless" mode than a console mode. This has some side effects, for example, on Windows 2000, the program returns command prompt immediately (asynchronously), while on Windows NT 4.0 behaves as a generic console program. If the program returns command prompt immediately, it doesn't mean that it has stopped its job, it may run in the background until it finishes.

See also: What is a project file.