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2. Installation and uninstallation

2.1. Update

If you have made any changes to the TOC templates when using the previous version, then copy your templates to some folder first, then uninstall old version of the application and then install new one, after that overwrite templates with yours. Templates are completely compatible.

If you have not changed the templates, then simply uninstall old and then install new.

2.2. Clean installation

To install the program launch setup.exe after extracting the distribution to some folder. Please always extract ZIP file prior to installation, do not run setup.exe from inside ZIP file.

When setup is complete, use "ZZEE Advanced HTML TOC" link located in Start > Programs > ZZEE Advanced HTML TOC to launch the program.

Note users of Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and XP: you may need some administrative rights for the installation. If you can't install the software, ask your system administrator or log in under administrator account.

To uninstall the software, use Add/Remove Programs link from Control Panel.

2.3. Running without installation

The program can be run without installation. Just rename "setup.exe" to "zaht2.exe" and then launch it.