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1. Introduction

The program prints directory listings or saves them as an HTML, XML, or CSV file, which you can send by email or publish to the web. It adds itself to the Windows Explorer context [right mouse button] menu and can make and print listings with a couple of mouse clicks.

User has total control over the output: you can specify not only which columns will be printed, but also their order and width. In addition to the standard pieces of information, such as file name, size, or modification date, Art Directory Print can also extract other data, for example, HTML titles, MP3 ID3 tags, image information, EXIF data, file hashes, etc. Program comes with a comprehensive file filter: by name (both include and skip), by date, by size, and by attributes. You can select a level of the recursive folder processing ranging from the non-recursion to the infinite one. Also you can order lists by file name, size, modification date, or other criteria in the ascending or descending order. You can define the look: colors, fonts, and some other adjustable options.

Art Directory Print can show recursive folder sizes, as well as real disk space occupied, and hence system administrators can use the program as a disk usage tool. Hyperlinking makes it possible to create playlists.

Possible listing columns:

Each column can be enabled or disabled, their order can be changed by dragging and dropping, also the widths can be adjusted.

2. Installation and deinstallation

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If you are installing the program over version 2.x, you need to visit our web site and get a new key for the version 3+ via the Key Delivery. Also settings file format is not compatible with v 2.x, and the settings will be reset to the defaults on installation.

Note users of Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0: you need administrative rights for the installation. If you can't install the software, ask your system administrator or log in under the administrator account.

To run the software, use Start > All Programs > ZZEE Art Directory Print > ZZEE Art Directory Print.

To uninstall the software, use the Add/Remove Programs link from the Control Panel.

3. Requirements

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4. Buy / Registration information

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You can evaluate the software during 30 days only, after that you must obtain a license. To find out the current price and to buy your copy please visit our web site:


The evaluation copy has the following limitations:

See license.txt file for legal information.