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5. User interface

5.1. Main screen

www.zzee.com | You are here: Contents > 5. User interface > 5.1. Main screen


This is the main screen that comes up when the program starts. If you have called the program from the Windows Explorer context menu, then the Source Folder is automatically pre-filled with that folder path. You can either type or select a folder path using the Open button.

5.1.1. Recursion Options

www.zzee.com | You are here: Contents > 5. User interface > 5.1. Main screen > 5.1.1. Recursion Options

You can build recursive listings.

No recursion Just the directory itself is processed
1 level The directory and all its child directories are processed
2 levels The directory, all its child directories and all their direct child folders are processed
Unlimited levels Processing is done for all levels of depth

5.1.2. Buttons

What are the buttons for:

Save as Save a folder listing as an HTML, XML, or CSV file. You can send this file by email, publish to the web, etc.
Preview & print You can preview the output and then print it via the Print button available in the preview window.
Stop This button is useful when you have selected a wrong folder or have specified incorrect options and want to cancel the generation process.
Settings Here you can specify the file filter, which columns you want to be in the listing and in what order, various other options, including style options: colors and fonts.

All buttons are also available as sub-items of Listing menu item, most all of them are accessible via keyboard shortcuts.