Art Directory Print Tour

To start the program you can call it directly via Start menu or use "Print listing with Art Directory Print" link that is available in a context menu of a folder. You can get this context menu by right clicking the name of the folder or a drive in Windows Explorer.

If you call the program via the context menu, the path of the folder is automatically pre-filled in the "Source Folder" box.

main screen The main screen of the program is very simple and intuitive. You will feel familiar with Art Directory Print from the first sight.
In addition to the context menu, you can select the source directory via the standard Windows folder browser or can type it manually.
Below you can see the output listing, which you can print out or save as an HTML file. Being saved as HTML, it can be exported to programs like Excel or sent by email.
Here you can select the file name if you need to save the generated listing.
You can define various options with "Settings" button.

You can select the files being showed in the listing based on their name, modification time, size or attributes.

You can set which columns should be output, their order and width.
There are a lot of options at your command. You can define everything in the look: various colors and fonts.
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