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7. Deployment / Upload Results to Web Server

www.zzee.com | You are here: Contents > 7. Deployment / Upload Results to Web Server

The development model of AHL assumes that either:

To upload the result to the server you need to:

8. Command Line Mode

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Art HTML Listing could be used without GUI, within command prompt only. This is useful when you need to run the program on a regular basis, via batch file or to call it from the other program. Command mode usage synopsis is:

prompt> path\zahl3.exe projectFilePath

There is the only required parameter - a path to the project file. ProjectFilePath should be either absolute or relative to the folder where AHL is installed. A project file can be created using GUI mode. If you call AHL without this parameter - usual GUI mode will be initialized. If you call AHL with the parameter, it will run in command line mode automatically. Being called in GUIless mode, AHL will process the project and then will terminate.

Though Art HTML Listing can be run without a GUI, it is not compiled like a console program, it is compiled like Windows GUI program, this is done to save a distribution size. So it is better to say that it is GUIless mode than console mode. Being called with a command line argument, it doesn't create any windows.

You can merge several project files in one using a text editor, such as Notepad. Just copy all text inside <project> tag from one template and append it to the end of the other template. When you supply such multiple project file to the command line mode, all templates it contains will be processed.