ZZEE PHPExe - compile HTML and PHP to exe

ZZEE PHPExe compiles HTML, PHP, Javascript, Flash and other web files into standard Windows GUI exes. In comparison with generic HTML to exe compilers or HTAs, ZZEE PHPExe has a significant advantage - it supports and compiles PHP code as well. It means that you can create true AJAX Windows applications with lively interface resembling that of a standard Windows GUI program, using PHP as a backend language.

PHP is one of the most popular languages for web authoring. You can utilize all the power of PHP and use lots of its modules to perform various tasks like read, save and modify files, get directory contents, interact with databases, create PDF, parse XML and HTML, manipulate strings, connect to web and FTP sites, send and receive email, compress and encrypt files, create images on the fly, and more.

Additionally, ZZEE PHPExe provides extensions to the Javascript language that implement File Open and Save dialogs, Browse for Folder Dialog, and ShellExecute function, that are not normally present in webbrowsers.

Besides ZZEE PHPExe takes protection of your code seriously. Users don't see your source files. At no stage HTML, javascript or other source files are extracted to disk or saved in Internet Explorer cache (note, you can explicitly allow caching of some file types to enable Flash, PDF, video and other embedded content). We have undertaken a lot of other measures to make sure that your code is protected.

You will have full control over the window of your exe, its size, style, border, scrollbars, etc. You can turn on and off Javascript error messages, context menu, text selection, and so on.

The best way to familiarize yourself with all features of ZZEE PHPExe is to download and try it. The trial is free, download it from here. Learn more about ZZEE PHPExe - PHP and HTML compiler for Windows.


  • Compiles HTML, images, javascript, CSS, etc like standard HTML to exe converter
  • Additionally compiles PHP, making possible to create true AJAX applications
  • Gives you full control over browser window appearance
  • Allows to define many other options like error messages, context menus, etc
  • Protects your source code
  • Free trial
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