ZZEE PHPExe Samples

1. MySQL replacement with FSQL

For those who need MySQL but don't want to install MySQL server on clients computers, there is a drop-in replacement FSQL, which along with fsqlMysql.php file, redefining MySQL functions via FSQL calls, creates a complete solution for easy switching from MySQL to FSQL.

FSQL download, fsqlMysql.php download.

2. Google Youtube / Zend Framework / Flash

This sample demonstrates how the following works in ZZEE PHPExe:

The code was compiled as taken from Zend website without any modifications.

Download source code, download compiled application.

3. PMWiki

PMWiki stores Wiki contents into plain files. This sample demonstrates how both internal compiled namespace and filesystem are used to deal with templates, information storage, and also how to make a personal Wiki as Windows exe.

Only two lines of code were modified to adopt the original code to be compiled with ZZEE PHPExe 2.

Download source code, download compiled application.

4. CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter is an application development framework and compiling it on ZZEE PHPExe 2 demonstrates PHPExe ability to compile complex projects with almost zero changes to the original code, as only one line was modified to compile it.

Download source code, download compiled application.

5. Flot plotting library

Flot is a library to build graphs. It uses VML to build them in Internet Explorer. This sample demonstates VML support in ZZEE PHPExe 2.2 and later.

Download source code, download compiled application.

6. PHP flush() test

ZZEE PHPExe version 2.4 or higher is needed.

Download source code.

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