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Advanced HTML TOC creates table of contents from headings (<Hx> tags) for your web site.

You know that correctly laid out table of contents is very important for overall success of the publication. It is vital to have a comprehensive, yet intuitive navigational tool, and table of contents is exactly that.

But merely having table of contents is not enough. It must be thorough,  multi-level, down-to-chapter. Just in this case it is really useful and serves as a perfect outline, helps to grasp the ideas of the document and allows to navigate quickly. Speaking in terms of HTML, it is not enough to have a TOC that links to the files, you also need to have a table of contents that links to each chapter via headings and subheadings.

Advanced HTML TOC creates professional-looking, of variable depths, numbered or not, fully customizable via templates, tables of contents. It can handle not only HTML documents, but is also suitable for software help authoring, as it can create TOC and navigational facilities that are useful for both off-line (shipped with the product) and on-line help systems. Of course, it is perfect for various instructions, technical documentation, corporate policies and rules, that is, in any document which needs to be well structured.

Expanding and collapsing TOC example. Web site tree example.



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