Art Directory Print

We know you have been missing the printing folder contents functionality not available in Windows.


The program prints directory, CD and DVD listings or saves them as an HTML, XML, or CSV files, which you can send by email or publish to the web. It adds itself to the Windows Explorer context [right mouse button] menu and can make and print listings with a couple of mouse clicks.

A picture is worth a thousand words, see Art Directory Print screenshots.


  • Instantly available as it is integrated in Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Perfect to print out CD or DVD contents, supports files over 2Gb.
  • Result can be printed out, published to web or sent to a friend.
  • CSV and XML export capability will allow to import a listing into Excel and other programs.
  • No learning required: simple interface.
  • Preview before you print.
  • Powerful filtering and formatting capabilities.
  • Settings can be shared among the users: just share "settings.ini" file. Great for system administrators.
  • Perfect for monitoring disk quotas as it can provide recursive folder sizes and stats.

Just as you want it 

User has total control over the output: you can specify not only which columns will be printed, but also their order and width. In addition to the standard pieces of information, such as file name, size, or modification date, Art Directory Print can also extract other data, for example, HTML titles, MP3 ID3 tags, image information, EXIF data, file hashes, etc. Program comes with a comprehensive file filter: by name (both include and skip), by date, by size, and by attributes. You can select a level of the recursive folder processing ranging from the non-recursion to the infinite one. Also you can order lists by file name, size, modification date, or other criteria in the ascending or descending order. You can define the look: colors, fonts, and some other adjustable options.

Art Directory Print can show recursive folder sizes, as well as real disk space occupied, and hence system administrators can use the program as a disk usage tool. Hyperlinking makes it possible to create playlists.

Possible listing columns:

  • Name, with or without extension
  • Type and icon
  • Size, in bytes, Kb, Mb or automatically selected (dynamic)
  • Attributes
  • Modified, Created, and Accessed date/time or date only
  • Owner and group information
  • HTML Title
  • MD5 and SHA1 hashes
  • Various ID3 tags (v1 and v2), including Artist, Title, Album, ...
  • Image attributes: width, height, colors, artist, etc.
  • Image EXIF information
  • And some other information

Each column can be enabled or disabled, their order can be changed by dragging and dropping, also the widths can be adjusted.

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