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ZZEE PHP GUI is a secure and easy-to-install PHP solution for Windows with zero or little configuration. It sets up in seconds and works out-of-the-box. It allows to run PHP scripts in webbrowser/webserver (GUI) mode by double clicking on them. PHP files or links to them don't have to reside in a special directory, they can be in any folder, on the desktop or in the Start Menu. ZZEE PHP GUI contains a built-in webserver, PHP and a webbrowser.

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ZZEE PHP GUI advantages

  • Zero or little configuration. Everything works immediately out-of-the-box.
  • Secure. Nobody can connect to the built-in webserver - just you, because ZZEE PHP GUI doesn't use TCP/IP to emulate webserver / webbrowser interaction. No need to configure any firewalls or to harden the webserver.
  • There are no conflicts with any webservers (Apache, IIS, etc) or other PHP installations.
  • It can run PHP scripts when you double click on them. Click on a PHP script in My Computer (Windows Explorer), on the desktop or in any folder to run it.
  • No special document root folder - your PHP scripts can be anywhere in your computer, on any drive.
  • The built-in webbrowser is based on Internet Explorer and thus is compatible with the most popular webbrowser.
  • Javascript, cookies, ActiveX and Flash will still work in ZZEE PHP GUI even if your Internet Explorer is tightened to the maximum for safe surfing. No zones to configure.
  • Everything is one click away. You can easily access php.ini, HTTP and error logs.
  • You can integrate Perl and other script interpreters with ZZEE PHP GUI, the program also supports CGI exe files.
  • The built-in webserver understands .htaccess files, its logs are compatible with Apache.
  • There is no permanent server process running.

If you are interested in converting your PHP scripts into Windows exes, see ZZEE PHPExe - Windows PHP compiler.

What is ZZEE PHP GUI useful for?

  • You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. Thanks to ZZEE PHP GUI, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. Re-use your code for both online and Windows desktop applications. Note: if you want to compile a Windows exe from your PHP code, please see ZZEE PHPExe.
  • You can test your PHP code without uploading it to a website.
  • You can automate your daily and business tasks with PHP: parse HTML and text, connect to databases, manipulate PDF and Office files, use XML, SOAP, COM and more. PHP has interfaces to all popular databases. PHP is scalable - you can easily transfer your applications to a webserver or back to the desktop.
  • You can deploy your desktop PHP applications throughout your enterprise with ZZEE PHP GUI. With our affordable Corporate License you can get a fixed price for an unlimited number of users.
  • If you are a developer and ship open source PHP scripts to your clients to run on their desktop, one of the best ways is to have them install ZZEE PHP GUI.

What comes with ZZEE PHP GUI

  • An internal webserver which doesn't use TCP/IP
  • An internal webbrowser (Internet Explorer based) running with high permissions, which offers maximum possibilities
  • One of the latest versions of PHP, coming with all standard modules
  • PHP includes SQLite - an SQL-compatible zero-configuration embedded database engine. Both SQLite and SQLite PDO modules are preconfigured.
  • PHP bcompiler module is also included and preconfigured. You can run compiled PHP code as well.

ZZEE PHP GUI will load a PHP script into the webbrowser that you double-click in the Windows Explorer


ZPG and WAMP aim at different niches. While WAMP is mainly for the web, to create a website on your computer, allowing other people to connect to it, ZPG is for the desktop, and is about security, being easy to use and to run local PHP scripts. The table below outlines the difference between these approaches.

ZPG and WAMP can work together on the same computer, and because ZPG doesn't use any TCP ports, there will be no conflicts.

Launching scripts You can launch a script by double-clicking on it You have to type a URL for the script into the webbrowser or create a bookmark for it
Where scripts need to be located Scripts can be in any directory or drive of your computer Scripts have to reside in webserver's Document Root or aliases
Webserver security ZPG's webserver doesn't use TCP/IP and nobody can connect to it Running a webserver on your computer is a major threat and you need to take all measures to secure it
Webbrowser possibilities and security All options Internet Explorer can provide are turned on, including Javascript, scripting ActiveX, etc. By default the browser is blocked from surfing the net, so it is not exposed to possibly malicious websites. If you need access to ActiveX or other high-risk options, you have to create a trusted zone in your browser for your WAMP webserver address and lift permissions for this zone
Memory consumption ZPG webserver is inside the same process as ZPG browser and will go out of memory immediately after you close the window The webserver will stay in memory permanently
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