PHP for Windows: ZZEE PHPExe and ZZEE PHP GUI

ZEEE offers two PHP related software titles for Windows:
  • PHPExe - PHP to exe compiler, which compiles PHP, HTML, Javascript, Flash, images and other web files into standard Windows GUI exes
  • PHP GUI - a zero-configuration, secure webserver / PHP installation for Windows for running PHP scripts on your computer.

If you are looking for a program to execute PHP scripts on your computer, without risks involved with running a webserver, if you want everything straightforward, integrated, and easy to use, then ZZEE PHP GUI is your choice.

If you need a PHP compiler, to convert your PHP code into a standalone exe, which looks like any other Windows application, then PHPExe is your choice.

Both programs are easy to setup and to configure. You don't have to secure any webservers, don't have to hassle with PHP-webserver integration, you can test and run your PHP code straight away.

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