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An HTML table of contents is not a merely navigational tool. It is an outline that helps your reader scan and grasp your ideas instantly. It is a "must have" for any web site or HTML publication.

Did you ever think about a tool that generates tables of contents for HTML documents based on their logical structure? Advanced HTML TOC is the only Windows GUI program that does it. The program scans headings (<Hx> tags) and makes a TOC based on a selected template, providing automatic linking and numeration. You can make table of contents for a single or multiple files. Besides, it has many powerful features such as rollback, custom templates, and more.


  • Can process single or multiple files.
  • Automatically uses existing named anchors inside headings (<h> tags) or creates new ones if none.
  • Automatically links TOC items to headings.
  • User sets range of header <h> tags being used in TOC. E.g.: <h1> through <h3>, or <h2> through <h6>. This can be used to generate TOCs of various depths from the same files.
  • Can process page titles, which is useful for multiple file processing. Titles have precedence over <h1> tags.
  • Completely re-entrant. If you change the file after you have generated TOC, when you again supply it to the program, the program doesn't create redundant named anchors and doesn't duplicate TOC. It means that you don't have to maintain separate source and output files.
  • Can put numbering (like "1.20.4.") both into TOC items and <h> tags. If multiple files are processed then numbering is kept in order throughout all files.
  • TOC appearance is based on a template. User can create a new template or edit existing one. You have total control over TOC style. Program is shipped with these predefined templates:
    1. Tree.
    2. Tree with bullets.
    3. Expandable / collapsible tree.
    4. Bulleted tree with "differentiated" headers.
    5. Indent based tree.
    6. Pure text. It is indent based too.
  • User specifies a place where to insert TOC with <!--TOC--> tag. Without this tag program selects a place automatically.
  • Ability to clear the code generated.


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