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Art Directory Print | View details & download >
Art Directory Print The program prints directory, CD or DVD listings or saves them as HTML, XML or CSV files. It adds itself to the Windows Explorer context menu and allows printing with just 3 clicks. Easy to use. Fully customizable. Flat or recursive stats, report folder sizes and disk quotas.
Art HTML Listing | View details & download >
Art HTML Listing Art HTML Listing creates filtered, sorted, fully customizable (via editable templates and selectable options) directory listings / web trees / Javascript menus in HTML, DHTML, XML, CSV or text for your web site or for local computer. It is designed for webmasters, system administrators and for those users who need to make / print folder listings. Includes 15 ready made templates.
ZZEE PHP GUI | View details & download >
ZZEE PHP GUI ZZEE PHP GUI is an easy-to-install PHP solution for Windows. It sets up in seconds and works out-of-the-box. You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. Thanks to ZZEE PHP GUI, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. You also can use it to test your web scripts without uploading them first. Click on a PHP file in the Windows Explorer - and ZPG will run the script in the web mode.
Advanced HTML TOC | View details & download >
Advanced HTML TOC Advanced HTML TOC generates tables of contents (TOC) of HTML files using headings (<h1> .. <h6> tags). The program can automatically handle hierarchy and insert numbering like "1.20.4." to each header. Linking TOC items to headers is done automatically. The appearance of the TOC is template based and fully customizable. The program can also create a frame based navigation system, where the TOC appears in the left frame, while contents is on the right, like in this example, which is suitable for web based help and cross-platform help distribution.
ZZEE PHPExe | View details & download >
ZZEE PHPExe ZZEE PHPExe compiles PHP, HTML, Javascript and other web files into Windows GUI programs. You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. You can use the same code for online and Windows applications with little or no modification. by ZZEE - passport and visa photo online
Passport photo online
  • We know all visa and passport photo exact requirements for countries like US, Canada, UK, India, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc
  • You take a snap of yourself and we convert it into a correct visa or passport photo in seconds
  • does everything automatically:
    • Scale and crop your photo up to requirements
    • Fix head tilt
    • Fix background
Passports * Visas * Student IDs
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