Click to toggle 1. Introduction
Click to toggle 2. Installation and uninstallation
    Click to toggle 2.1. Update
    Click to toggle 2.2. Clean installation
    Click to toggle 2.3. Running without installation

Click to toggle 3. User interface
    Click to toggle 3.1. Toolbar
    Click to toggle 3.2. Format options

Click to toggle 4. Source and destination files
    Click to toggle 4.1. Single file
    Click to toggle 4.2. Multiple files
        Click to toggle 4.2.1. Interface hints

    Click to toggle 4.3. What is a project

Click to toggle 5. How program creates TOC
    Click to toggle 5.1. Where program inserts TOC
    Click to toggle 5.2. How to undo changes made
    Click to toggle 5.3. TOC tree and precedence of tags
    Click to toggle 5.4. Correct header tags layout
        Click to toggle 5.4.1. Side effects of incorrectly laid out header tags

    Click to toggle 5.5. Named and hyperlink anchors
    Click to toggle 5.6. Generated named anchors format
    Click to toggle 5.7. Where numbering is inserted
    Click to toggle 5.8. HTML [input] compatibility details
    Click to toggle 5.9. Browser compatibility [output]

Click to toggle 6. TOC templates
    Click to toggle 6.1. Predefined templates
    Click to toggle 6.2. Creating and modifying templates
        Click to toggle 6.2.1. How to add template to a drop-down select box
        Click to toggle 6.2.2. How to write own template file
            Click to toggle ZZI preprocessor
            Click to toggle Available variables
            Click to toggle Generic template

Click to toggle 7. How to... / FAQ
    Click to toggle 7.1. I re-build TOC without numbering, but numbers are still there...
    Click to toggle 7.2. I try to change color of header tags by changing "Named anchors' attributes", but this doesn't help...
    Click to toggle 7.3. How do I include headers of a destination file into TOC?
    Click to toggle 7.4. Why numbering and header text have different style?
    Click to toggle 7.5. How do I make some part of a TOC with a numbering and some without it?
    Click to toggle 7.6. How do I exclude some headers from the TOC?
    Click to toggle 7.7. How do I differentiate a style of the TOC items that belong to the different levels?

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Click to toggle 12. Modifications history
    Click to toggle 12.1. Version 2.0. May 07, 2002.
    Click to toggle 12.2. Version 1.0b. November 21, 2001.